Strategy towards invasive species on Provence islands 2018

Pilot Site : Islands and islets of Provence

Supported by  : French Agency for Biodiversity (AFB)

Invasive species represent a central issue in island environments. PIM have therefore been commissioned by the French Agency for the Biodiversity (AFB) to draw up a strategy towards invasive species impacting negatively heritage seabird species on the islands and islets of Provence. This strategy is in line with the objectives of the Marine Environment Strategic Framework Directive. The strategy is based on the Islands Database developped by PIM, on the data compilation work carried out previously within the framework of the Atlas project and on exchanges with the National Parks of Port-Cros and the Calanques in particular. The strategy has been presented to the managers and Scientific Council of the Parks and we are now proceeding with the dissemination of the document and its application.


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© Crédits photos : Louis -Marie Préau