Laboratory Island

Pilot Site : Grand Rouveau Island – Six-Fours-Les-Plages (France)

Partners : Conservatoire du littoral, Municipality of Six-fours les Plages, AGIR Ecologique

Goal : Scientific and technical assistance for the ecological restoration of the Grand Rouveau island, in partnership with the Conservatoire du littoral, AGIR Ecologique and the Municipality of Six-Fours-Les-Plages, manager of the site. This support includes the scientific tasks of the manager, namely biodiversity monitoring and ecological restoration. This last ecological engineering operation begins in 2012 with eradication campaigns of the invasive Carpobrotus sp. In 2017 and 2018 an eradication operation of the Black Rat (Rattus rattus) on the island was undertaken. Following the success of the operation in 2019, the island becomes the first “pest-free” Mediterranean island! Monitoring of the population of Leaf-toad Gecko (Euleptes europaea) and vegetation is carried out annually on the island, which becomes an emblematic PIM laboratory site for testing innovative actions and field training sessions.



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