Delaugerre, M. & Corti, C. Tiny but « strong »: The European Leaf-toed gecko Euleptes europaea, a terrestrial vertebrate able to survive on tiny islets. Israel Journal of Ecology & Evolution. 2020

Auteurs : Delaugerre M., Corti C.

Année : 2020

Ile : Corse

Pays : France

The present paper focuses on the ability of the European Leaf-toed gecko, Euleptes europaea, an endemic species of the western Mediterranean, to live in low-nutrient habitats. Its distribution is mainly insular and particularly noteworthy is
its ability to live on islets and rocks. This work includes data originating from surveys carried out on 111 islands surrounding the island of Corsica (France) in search of herpetofauna. E. europaea is able to survive on the smallest islets, with low
habitat complexity, suggesting a pre-adaptation of this species to island life. Moreover, high population densities associated with a low biomass seem to facilitate survival on island.