The mission conducted under the coordination of the PIM initiative (Mediterranean Small Islands Initiative) and the APAL (Agency for the Protection and Coastal Planning) from the the 6th to the 13th of April 2015, involved a multidisciplinary team of naturalists and scientists, aiming to assess the state of conservation and management issues of two groups of islands in the Gulf of Gabes: the archipelago of islands Kneiss, and the satellite islands of Djerba.
This note deals primarily herpetological aspects of these island territories, and suggests management axis under these preliminary evaluations. These surveys have helped to take stock of herpetological stands of the islands and provide new data not published before. The presence of reptiles on islands with apparently poor entomological biomass raises questions. Within these results, the taxonomic status of Tarentola cf mauritanica remains unanswered.

Key-words : Tunisia, Kneiss archipelago, Djerba, reptiles, conservation, Tarentola mauritanica